VVL Master Architectural Committee

The Val Vista Lakes Master Architectural Committee is made up of residents appointed by the Val Vista Lakes Board of Directors that are specifically charged with the responsibility of reviewing all architectural applications submitted by Val Vista Lakes Members before any changes that affect the exterior appearance of a property are made.  The Val Vista Lakes CC&R's require all owners to obtain prior written approval for any exterior alteration or addition to their property. 

The VVL MAC meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the VVL Clubhouse.  Submittals are to be received by the Compliance department in the Administrative Offices one-week prior in order to be placed on the agenda.  For the VVL MAC meeting schedule and submittal timelines, please see the calendar.

Need an Architectural Change Form, want a copy of the Approved Plant List, or just wish to view the Governing Documents?  You can find all that information and much more in the in the links below.

Your Committee members are:  Janaina Vaughn, Laurie Bingenheimer, Ben Kalkman, and Richard Andrews look forward to working with you.

 2007 MAC Minutes (12)
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