May 5, 2020 MAC Agenda


Date:             May 5, 2020   

Time:             6:00 pm

Location:      via Zoom

*Due to current pandemic andgovernment restrictions, this meeting will be held virtually. 

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Call to Order 

II.           Attendance

III.           Approval of Agenda

IV.           Approval of April 7, 2020 Minutes 

V.           New Submittals:

AP090: 1921 E. Cortez Dr. – Request to keep artificial turf installed in front yard
CS043: 1844 E. Lakecrest Dr. – Request to paint modified scheme 13
CS064: 1862 E. Catamaran Dr. – Request to paint modified scheme 23
DP078: 2109 E. La Salle Way – Request to paint custom color“Solaria”
LJ028: 1539 E. Beacon Dr. – Request to remove grass on side of driveway & replace w/gravel
LJ032: 1511 E. Beacon Dr. – Request to plant 24” box Shamel Ash & Mexican Fan Palm
LJ044: 1419 E. Beacon Dr. – Request to plant Texas Olive to meet tree guidelines
L2023: 1349 N. Malibu Ln. – Request MAC input on where to plant required tree
MB005: 1334 N. Cliffside Dr. – Request to install window and patio awnings
MB047: 1409 E. Catamaran Dr. – Request to install artificial turf
P2017: 1434 N. Sailors Way – Request to plant 24” box Evergreen Pear in front yard
P2052: 1225 E. Sea Breeze Dr. – Request to have wrought iron arbor at front entry
RG058: 2119 E. Clipper Ln. – Change door, outdoor lighting,dog run gate & flower pots
SB006: 2114 E. Chesapeake Dr. – Request to keep installed artificial turf on east side of d/w
SB085: 2156 E. Chesapeake Dr. – Request to add faux shingle roof to backyard structure
TC066: 2250 E. Huron Ct. – Request to paint modified scheme 13
TC069: 2265 E. Mallard Ct. – Request to replace existing grass border pavers with new pavers
T2144: 1201 N. Jamaica Way – Request to change garage doors
T2154: 2302 E. Beachcomber Dr. – Request to paint existing backyard pergolas to match house
WL022: 1513 E. Treasure Cove Dr. – Request several home modifications (windows, doors, stone)
WL029: 1502 E. Treasure Cove Dr.- Request several backyard modifications:
1)              Gazebos
2)               View Fence
3)              Outdoor Lighting (landscape, gazebo, post and security)
4)              15x3 BBQ grill w/ stacked stone façade on East side of lot
5)              Installation of shrubs along fence/lake perimeter to fill gravel area
6)              Approx. 30x20 area of green rubber mats under play equipment

VI.           Adjournment